Hard of hearing

Is sports murder?

June 28th, 2015

Source: Quelle: http://www.freeimages.co.uk/galleries/sports/sportsgames/index.htm

Since my childhood I have struggled with my weight. I promise, this is not a confession that I would like to lose a bit of weight or go back to doing Fitness! So read on safe in that knowledge.
Even so, Sports was never that great in my vocabulary. I just do not like to exert myself too much and I do not like sweaty fellow exercisers on wet machines.

I have however been sensible and did for a number of years yoga and now do gymnastics twice a week. And it is a lot of fun. I just have one small problem. As well known, a part of doing sports involves sweating, even from the head. This means that my ears get wet. My hearing aids do not like this. If it is particularly bad, or if the temperature rises, as in the summer, my hearing aids may protest to the point where they do not work. That is when I naturally have a problem. They must dry for a time in a dry block before I can turn them on again and hope they work. It has happened that I have had to bring the hearing aid to the audiologists for repairs.

I do have spare aids, but they aren’t the same. My dilemma in sports is of course whether I should take out my hearing aids with the result that I do not hear the instructor, or leave them in and risk having to send in the hearing aids for repair. It is sometimes a tough decision when one is „doing a dog“ in Yoga…

I do not know if CI users have the same problems, but I have always thought that it was disappointing that there is no solution for this problem. It would be nice for example to have “sporting hearing aids” that one could wear while working out or swimming. Who knows what the future may bring, and please let the hearing aid manufacturers be inspired!

In the meantime I will continue my workout, tolerate the summer heat wave, happy of course for the fine weather, in the hope that my workout doesn’t end up killing my hearing aids.


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