Hard of hearing

Coffee or shopping?

June 30th, 2015


Always, when I have finished my workout, I do a quick shopping and then head home where I enjoy a coffee with my husband if he is home. Today I did not have to go shopping as usual and so went straight home. Once at home I heard my husband asking “Do you want coffee?” I answered yes. Then he asked, “what did you get?”. I was very surprised and asked him what he meant. Then he said “ I asked you if you went shopping and you said yes…!” “oh…” Ok, in the name of honesty I have to say that I wasn’t listening fully when he asked the question because I was expecting the coffee question and not the one he asked.

Similar things like this happen everyday and my strategy in that case is to repeat what I think I hear. This sometimes leads to strange situations and fits of laughter. A conversation with cats for example would be much easier: they only use one Miauw with diverse tones and intensities. Even if they cannot really speak, cats know how to make themselves understood. Maybe we should take a page out of their book.

I imagine that to be somewhat like this: we only have one word for everything, in different variations, and loudnesses, and so on and use our body language for expression. Would that really work or is my fantasy running away with me? Can this be scientifically tested? If yes, then I will for sure talk about this some more here.

Because I pay attention when vocalizing to vowels in particular, because I understand them better and because the consonants are harder to read and sometimes get lost, I find the context of a conversation very important. As long as I know the context, I can follow along and participate. If the topic suddenly changes and I don’t realize it, then I am lost. I mean, there is a difference between deciding to go to the zoo or the loo, right? If one has previously talked about kids or animals, the zoo would be a more logical topic for me. That is unless someone during the course of the conversation had a case of emergency going to the toilet and felt the need to share…

Sometimes one should not take oneself too seriously. And my husband did end up making the coffee for me this morning!


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