Source: Picture of the author June 22nd, 2015 Last weekend we were in Morgarten for two days. My brother was visiting and we wanted to show him a bit of Swiss history. For those of you who are not Swiss: In the year 1315 there was an important battle at Morgarten. Morgarten is known as … More Morgarten


May 12th, 2016 Source: picture of the author We have had a feathered visitor to our balcony for the past week. He or she regularly flies back and forth to pick up some food. I had already hung up the birdseed in February of this year, but up to now no bird had dared to … More Birds

Honest Until 2007, I had always worked full time. After a sudden drop in my hearing, I slowly began to notice that the weekends no longer afforded me the time to recover. It was a process, at the end of which it finally dawned on me that I had to do something. It turned out … More Honest