Grown up

Dear readers, after a short radio silence this blog appears today in a new look. The reason for this is not the current trend of new logos or completely renewed websites. No, the reason is simply that “I am hard of hearing, so what?” has grown up! What started as an experiment on June 8, … More Grown up

Social contacts

Source: Pixabay Recently, the question was raised somewhere whether other hearing impaired people are also avoiding more and more social contacts when their hearingloss gets worse. My answer to that was brief and succinct: no, I certainly do not avoid social contacts. I try to balance social contacts and moments of rest. Where this is … More Social contacts

Valentine’s Day

Source: Pixabay Today is Valentine’s Day. In many countries and cultures, the “Day of Love” is celebrated today. Sometimes loved ones give themselves something beautiful, sometimes someone is surprised by an unknown admirer with a postcard. Personally, I don’t need a Valentine’s Day to remember love, but I don’t take love for granted. In relationships … More Valentine’s Day


Source: @Claude Hugenot Every now and then my husband and I allow us a visit to a pub. Usually we go there in time to get a seat and then eat something. Afterwards it’s time to watch football, often in the company of one of our friends. After all, football in a pub is … More Pub