Hard of hearing


June 29th 2015

Brown glazed ceramic teapot

Source: http://www.freeimages.co.uk/galleries/food/drinks/slides/brown_teapot.htm

Have you experienced this? You write an email and autocorrect thinks you meant “back” instead of “luck”? This really annoys me when a computer program does my thinking for me. I can think for myself and don’t need a computer for that.

What if you own brain starts to think for itself however? The brain is far more complex than a computer! Sometimes the brain thinks it is necessary to produce sounds in the ears. Why the brain does this is not very well known at this time even though a lot of research is being done into this. The brain still remains a mystery. In medical terms, these sounds are called tinnitus. The sounds that the brain produces can vary greatly in sound and tone. For example, for me, it sounds like the whistling of a teakettle that is being brought to boil. A high, piping sound. When it is calm, then a dull sound like that of a concrete mixer joins in. Because there is construction going on near us, I actually thought it was really a concrete mixer, but the chances that it is still turning at midnight on a weekend is rather miniscule.

To my great fortune, I belong to a small group that do not suffer with their tinnitus. Most people with tinnitus suffer with sleep disorders or concentration issues or sometimes much worse. Many celebrities and non-celebrities suffer under extreme tinnitus. It often occurs in combination with hearing loss, but can also occur in the hearing people. The reasons are not known, but possible reasons include overexposure of noise or a sudden bangs.
These days there are a number of therapies that can help your tinnitus. If you have tinnitus it is recommended to look for a suitable therapy. These therapies do not make the tinnitus disappear but make it more bearable.

I myself do not need therapy. Even though the tinnitus got louder after my sudden hearing loss, I have gotten used to it. That did not happen consciously, but somehow I have managed to learn to ignore the tinnitus. In daily life, these noises do limit what I can hear since I must try to separate the background noise from what I am actually listening to. The more I pay attention to my tinnitus, the louder it manifests itself. To summarize, If I listen to my brain, then I only hear the tinnitus.

I love tea, but I really could do without the piping of the tea kettle. My personal tea recipe is this: Ignore the tinnitus, and distract yourself. The tinnitus won’t go away, and will be a constant companion, but it is better to use your energy for other things so that you can keep the tinnitus under control.

Just as with a computer. If my autocorrect thinks I should write “tea kettle” instead of “water boiler” then I just ignore it too!


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