Source: Pixabay Dear readers, you have read almost 75 blog posts about my experiences with hearing impairment in everyday life. In this contribution I would like to turn things around. I’ve been thinking about writing a book for quite some time now, where I’m collecting tips and advice for life with a hearing impairment. These … More Practical

Strength or Weakness?

Source:;ID 50804553 © Rawpixelimages | As you probably know, it is important in an application process to list and analyse your strengths and weaknesses. I will illustrate this with a small example: One strength could be that you can plan and order very well. Perhaps a weakness could be that one plans and … More Strength or Weakness?


Source: Today it is a grey, wet autumn day, a day you would like to spend in bed under the blanket with hot cocoa and a good book. However, I was at the gym this early morning and at the end of the morning, I did shopping, drinking coffee, answering urgent questions per e-mail, … More Balance


         Urheber : Patrick Guenette                                                                                                           Source: Foto Author Last weekend we had actually planned to take a trip on a steamer at Lake Lucerne. We very much like to do that and are even members of the „steamboat friends“. A trip on a steamer is very reassuring. The cadenza of the ship as well as … More Seasick

Animals communicate too

Source: D 42955026 © Iguanasbear | A cat that communicates in sign language with its deaf owners. Don’t you believe it? Then please watch the video! It’s really true. Sync by honeybunny Who says that animals are stupid is wrong, as the video here proves. Of course, I don’t know to what … More Animals communicate too