Quality of life

Source: Dead And Alive ID: 164729© Emanuel Hategan | Dreamstime Stock Photos As a hearing aid user, one comes to the inevitable purchase of a new hearing aid once in the 5/6/7 years. In addition to the new fitting, hearing tests, visits to the acoustician, this also means you have to have a full purse. … More Quality of life


September 27th, 2015 Source: Stock Illustration: Rigging election- election fraud ID 42619852 © Samiph222 | Dreamstime.com In a few weeks’ time, Switzerland will be ready to vote. Politicians are very busy with their campaign and you see posters everywhere, you get election advertising in your mailbox on a regular basis. Nevertheless, I still have no … More Elections

Equality Day

Source: royalty Free Stock Photography: EqualityID 15466627 © Selvam Raghupathy | Dreamstime.com Yesterday I was on an equality day organized by the foundation Agile. On this day (or rather afternoon) topic was the right to a workingplace for the disabled (I prefer to say impaired) fellow human beings. This day was well attended and the … More Equality Day

Deaf, blind or both?

Source: http://all-free-download.com/free-photos/download/closeup_communication_deaf_266591.html Sometimes a discussion raises the question of what is worse to endure: living with deafness or blindness. Apart from the fact that I find this question awful, because both seem to me a horror, I could not answer it, even if I wanted to. Both are impairments that fundamentally affect your life and … More Deaf, blind or both?