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New Hearing Aids


Dear readers, after 7 faithful years I have sent my hearing aids into their retirement. They will still remain faithful as replacement devices, but in the past 7 years I have hardly used my previous replacement devices.
Yes, finally it was time. Of course I had prepared my visit to my acoustician well. I looked into the different devices of “my” brand, because it was clear to me that I would like to keep the same brand. I also wrote down my questions, wishes and needs and took them with me to the acoustician. Also my acoustician had prepared herself and after a hearing test and detailed conversation I got new hearing aids for testing.
And what a huge difference it was … Although from the same brand as my now retired hearing aids, the technology has changed so much in the past 7 years that the new hearing aids are a revelation. Not only do I hear more, especially the higher tones, but I also understand more. And I was not the only one to notice: even my husband did …
Everything sounds much clearer, as if a fog has dissolved or a wall has been freshly and newly painted.

When my in-laws visited us this weekend and we went out for dinner in a restaurant, I actually understood more of the conversations. Sure, I was still extremely tired afterwards, but that will never change, just as I never get to hear well, but a better understanding is a big gain.

The new hearing aids have built-in Bluetooth and my emotional highlight of testing was when I called my brother on my iPhone for the first time with the new hearing aids. All I had to do was to activate Bluetooth and my brother’s voice came directly into my hearing aisd without any additional accesory. It was as if I could call in a “normal” way again!
I am allowed to test these new hearing aids for a few weeks. After that I will test another pair of hearing aids and when their is a huge difference, I will test another pair of hearing aids that are level wise in between both other tested hearing aids.

As accessories I need only a Connect Clip for the connection with the PC and the main telephone, and the hearing aids will be connected via Bluetooth. And maybe a connecting device for the TV, but it might also work with the Connect Clip.
My Rogerpen can be easily connected to the new hearing aids using the MyLink receiver and that is also very important for me because I often use my Rogerpen.
Also now I can use an App on my I-Phone with which I can control the hearing aids even a little and if I would like to, I’m able to connect different other devices, for example alarm systems, the door bell and yes, even to the radio or television, in order to hear music.

Now I am especially curious how the test phase will go on, the hearing aids do need some smaller adjustments, so the sounds after putting on the hearing aids in the morning are not particularly suitable for someone with tinnitus, but at least I am very satisfied with the new technology. I’m also curious to know what the differences are with the other hearing aids yet to be tested and which one I’ll choose at the end.
I will keep you up to date here.



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