auditory challenge, Hard of hearing, Tinnitus



A few weeks ago we bought a mosquito net for our bed. It’s mosquito time again and the mosquitoes love me. Since this love is not mutual and I don’t want to use mosquito spray every evening, the mosquito net is a good solution, although still no bite-free guarantee: from time to time a mosquito creeps through the net…

The strange thing is that I’ve been beginning to hear a loud noise in my head since mosquito time, in bed in the evening and at night, continuing a long period of time. Now I’m used to sounds because of my tinnitus and I live every day with whistling tea kettles and spinning washing machines. But this sound is new to me and resembles… well, let’s say a gigantic mosquito, humming loudly into my ear. At first I thought it might actually be a mosquito, but without my hearing aids it is firstly impossible that I would hear a mosquito, and secondly if I did, then certainly not so loud.
So the only logical conclusion would be that my tinnitus is playing a prank on me and adapting to the season. Whether this is actually possible, I don’t know, but at least “my” mosquito is there.

Luckily I have learned to ignore my tinnitus noises and now that I know that it is “only” my tinnitus, I can switch off “my” mosquito quite well. Nevertheless, it remains a little strange that this sound is just beginning to occur when mosquito time begins and I wonder if this is perhaps the influence of the psyche. Just as you sometimes may think you see a person or object that isn’t there at all, but that you’ve thought about strongly at that moment or just before.
But if that could work, I would have to hear a lot more sounds in my head than I do now and that is not the case. A little puzzle, like so many with the big puzzle tinnitus.

The mosquitoes do not mind all this, however, and they continue to hum indifferently in search of fresh blood. More precisely: my blood, since my husband is hardly bitten. And I’m trying to ignore it, just like my tinnitus.
I wish you a good night …. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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