Hard of hearing

The hearing impairment AB-Z


People with hearing impairments do not need compassion and are not victims of their impairments, but have the choice of taking control of their own lives.

– Renee iseli – Smits –

What you need for good communication:
Approaching someone from the front, not from the back, so that you are visible
Attracting attention with visual cues before you start talking
Body language
Clearly indicate context
Having confidence
Keep on asking questions and don’t give up if the communication doesn’t work immediately
Make and maintain eye contact
Openness about hearing loss
Provide direct information, information between the nose and the lips does not arrive.
Quiet conversation environment also facilitates communication for good hearing people
Quiet, normal speech rate, not too slow, not too fast
Short, clear phrases
Sound-absorbing acoustics
Sufficient illumination on face and mouth
Unobstructed view of the mouth
Written confirmation of dates and times


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