Hard of hearing

Grown up


Dear readers, after a short radio silence this blog appears today in a new look. The reason for this is not the current trend of new logos or completely renewed websites. No, the reason is simply that “I am hard of hearing, so what?” has grown up!

What started as an experiment on June 8, 2015 in the German language, can now be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram with 161 contributions and translated also in Dutch and English.
Many readers have found this blog and many recognize themselves in the topics. And if I could encourage even one person to open up to his hearing impairment with my blog, it means a lot to me.

During these three years there have also been two books and two lectures on the subject of “Living with hearing impairment in daily life” and more will follow as planned.
On Friday, April 20, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., a lecture is planned in Schlieren, Switzeland, on the theme “Around the Ear and Hearing” (http://www.vivat-schlieren.ch/veranstaltungen/rund-um-das-ohr-und-gehoer). The evening will consist of two parts: in the first part an acoustician will explain how the ear and hearing works, in the second part I will tell you how I experience my hearing impairment in everyday life.
Without this website and its readers all this would not have been possible, so here a big thank you to you, dear readers!

And while this blog is now showing her adulthood, some changes in content will soon become visible too. For example, a new section “Fom experience” is planned, in which hearing impaired people and people working with hearing impaired people will be offered a platform for exchange on the basis of questions and answers. In addition, a new page with practical tips will be added.

So, I hope you will enjoy the adult blog and continue to hope for your feedback and discussions. Because one thing remains unchanged: to bring the topic “Life with a hearing impairment in daily life” more to the public, so that strangeness, shame or taboos dissolve and are replaced instead by openness, knowledge and acceptance. Even if this blog can only contribute as a small drop to raising awareness of our hearing impairment, it will benefit not only us, the hearing impaired, but also the well hearing, because we are part of society.


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