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Busy …


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Maybe you’ve noticed… or maybe not, but lately I’ve been publishing a little less. The reason for this is that I was on the road a lot. Already last week alone, I was almost 2 days and an evening out of the house. So I was at a conference on Tuesday, a meeting on Thursday and a course on Saturday. Practically speaking, that meant I had to get up early or come home late.
The days in between I tried to recover from these activities and apparently I was so tired that my husband couldn’t wake me up on Friday morning. Since I had to get up early on Saturday morning, he let me sleep until I woke up by myself.
In my defense, however, I have to mention here that I am no longer a very young flower (I believe that in my case, around 50 years of age *, one is called “a woman of midlife”?). In addition, all this travelling, talking and listening is naturally particularly strenuous for a hearing impaired person. Fortunately, I always have my famous pen with me these days, which offers me at least a little bit of support in conversations.

When I was at home for one day, I still had my gymnastics and it was also my job to shop and cook. Apart from that, there were also some e-mails to be answered urgently and there were even some homework that had to be done. And I have also dealt with something particularly exciting, of which there will probably be more in a later contribution.
Do you see what it looks like for me? Good. Actually, I had planned to visit my mother for another week or two in November, but unfortunately my schedule for November is getting fuller and fuller. Luckily, when the weather is fine, we will visit our relatives for Christmas and New Year’s Eve and as time flies, it won’t be that long.

As a early New Year’s resolution, I have decided to proceed differently next year. Shortly I will plan 4 data for next year, in which I already fix my visits to my mother. These visits usually take 10 to 14 days and with my schedule, this is hardly to be planned at short notice, except for emergencies. If I decide on these visits at an early stage, there’s hardly anything else getting in between, is there? And finally, my surroundings should get along without me…. But of course, as always, as a busy person I stay available during my stays in the Netherlands and react when you need me. It’s the right thing to do, even if you don’t have a boss but are your own boss.

Now all my activities are a lot of fun and I like to be busy. Even though I don’t have a paid job at the moment, I’m not unemployed. So tomorrow I will be able to read “my” group in the old people’s home, have gymnastics again on Thursday and have to write a shopping list for the weekly shopping. This means that I should consider what we want to eat on Friday and weekend. Then we’ll go shopping. With us, this usually takes 2 to 2.5 hours. And on Friday, I’m on “the road” again.

You probably already guess: Boredom is certainly not in my personal dictionary!
In the meantime, however, I will continue to report on my activities here, I promise!

* Note: this article was originally written in German in 2015.


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