Hard of hearing


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Today it is a grey, wet autumn day, a day you would like to spend in bed under the blanket with hot cocoa and a good book.

However, I was at the gym this early morning and at the end of the morning, I did shopping, drinking coffee, answering urgent questions per e-mail, cooking, eating and then already another half day had passed.

Although I still had some muscle ache from the gymnastics last Thursday, it felt good to be in motion again. We did some balance exercises, which I usually find a little hard to do. Compared to the past, my sense of balance has become noticeably worse as my hearing deteriorated. I don’t feel safe on a staircase I can’t hold on to anymore. Or on a high balcony without good security and even in the mountains I don’t dare going too close to the edge.
It doesn’t take much to get me out of my (physical) equilibrium and since I don’t like to fall, I have become a little more careful.

In today’s gymnastics there was a certain exercise where a good balance is very important. You put one leg forward and then get in your knees without leaning on the ground with your arms. You understand, I’ve had a hard time of doing this. And one side is even better than the other. My gymnastics teacher told me to do this exercise every day. And please do this without hearing aids, so that the balance is even better, she said!

Hm, if I really want to, I can be a disciplined person, but such exercises are for me doomed to fail! Even if I start at good will, it doesn’t take much to disturb the regular excercise.
Since I have back and hip problems, daily exercises to strengthen and loosen up the joints are anyway very good. Just 10 to 15 minutes a day… It can’t be that you can’t find the time, can it?! The presumed reason probably has to do with the fact that it does not come from the heart, but because I have to.
Well, if I think about it right, I don’t go Nordic walking very often lately, although I like to do it anyway. Now Nordic Walking in the rain, heat or snow is not a real pleasure for me and I admire the people who don’t want to be deterred from the weather, but unfortunately I don’t belong to this group.

But no matter what the real reason may be, it doesn’t stop me from trying again every time good hearted. So, I remain optimistic and will tomorrow .. oh, but tomorrow I have to go to the elderly home to read to my group. And on Thursday, I’ll have gymnastics again. Then I won’t start until Friday then. To be on the safe side, I will check my calendar first to see if I have something else planned for Friday morning …


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