Hard of hearing


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Urheber : Patrick Guenette                                                                                                           Source: Foto Author

Last weekend we had actually planned to take a trip on a steamer at Lake Lucerne. We very much like to do that and are even members of the „steamboat friends“. A trip on a steamer is very reassuring. The cadenza of the ship as well as the landscape passing peacefully are wonderful.
Before you think that I might be promoting Swiss tourism, such a trip on a steamboat can also be very adventurous! We once experienced how a powerful Föhnstorm swept away the dishes and almost also the people on deck. What surprised me was that I didn’t become seasick. Since my sense of balance doesn’t work so well due to the hearing impairment, I would have thought that the high waves could actually cause a sea sickness, but nothing like that happened. Now of course I don’t know what happens on the open sea, but somehow I have the feeling that seasickness won’t catch me so quickly.
On the contrary, turbulence in the airplane or a lift that goes down quickly. Especially open lifts frighten me. I don’t want to see me being pulled up in a cage! Not to mention these lifts, which you sometimes see in movies: glass lifts on the outside of the building! Brr, no, no fun for my stomach.
Even with the turbulence in the airplane my stomach sometimes has a hard time (as if you’re standing in an elevator lift), but fortunately I’ve never been sick.

I remember it well the first time I rode in a chairlift. You have to pull the pole down quickly and get out quickly, but also not too fast…. I was scared to death even though my father sat with me.
For me it is almost unbelievable that I have now even gone up and down with skis under my feet in such chairlifts during the skiing holidays! And that without my stomach resisting it.

Of course, when I ride up with the Mountainbahn, or when I go up or land on a plane, my ears can feel it. My sensitive ears immediately feel the pressure(in)balance. If you add a wide view, such as the new Stanserhorn cable car, a cable car with only glas walls, I find it very exciting! Or such a movable suspension bridge at great height, for some the summit of fun, for me a big challenge.
Even if I don’t miss out on such activities and have survived them well so far, such a reassuring steamboat trip has a great attraction for me. Partly it is romantic nostalgia to know just how our ancestors moved, partly it is the fascination of the well-maintained machinery that still works perfectly after so many years and partly the calm on the water, only now and then interrupted by the ship’s horn. No hectic, no stress or noise.

Unfortunately we couldn’t make our planned boat trip on the weekend because the weather wasn’t good enough. After all, we also want to see the mountains. In good weather, we’ll catch up soon!


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