Hard of hearing

Merry Christmas and happy new year

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Dear readers,

The year 2017 is coming to an end and at this point I would like to thank you for reading my blog and for all your feedback this year.
This year has been an eventful year for me personally, with many different events that have made me grow again as a person.
I still have a lot of fun writing my blog and I noticed that there is still a lot to write about next year.
Life with a hearing impairment in daily life is and remains an issue for us hearing impaired people as well as for those who are goodhearing. Informing yourself and others, acceptance, openness about our hearing impairment and what we need for good communication is and remains important in our lives.

My path was long and I’m still learning. So it is never too late to start with small steps. Don’t you know how to best inform your environment? You are welcome to use examples from my blog or books! If you want to publish something from my blog, I will appreciate it if you let me know. Or simply call attention to your environment on my blog. Try it and give me your feedback.

Finally, if you consider good resolutions for next year, I would like to ask you to think about what YOU need in order to improve your communication next year, to improve your quality of life and to be able to say too next year: “I am hearing impaired, so what?”.

At this point, I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. I take a short break and hope that we meet again at the beginning of 2018.



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