Hard of hearing


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Yes…. never expected this day to come, yet here it is: this contribution is my 50th! It is incredible how fast time flies. What kind of wish would I like for this 50th contribution as a “birthday present”? Just a little bit more interaction with the readers. I would like to talk a little bit more about the topic of “hearing loss in everyday life”, I would like to discuss best readers. Information and understanding are so important for all people with hearing loss. Because hearing loss is an almost invisible handicap, too many people with hearing impairment live isolated and that is a shame.
Well, I just thought for a moment, maybe I would like to have a “Hearing impaired day”. What would you think of that? Would that be a good idea? If so, how should we address and encourage this? All ideas are welcome.

When I started this blog, it was at first an experiment for me. I had no idea how to do it and just started writing. After a few contributions, it tasted for more and I asked some professional contacts for feedback. You could read the result. I am very happy that the feedback I have received so far has been positive.
In particular, I would like to receive even more feedback. After all, I am not writing this blog for myself, but for you, dear readers. So please spread the word …….

Our society is fast, very fast nowadays. And everything will get faster and faster: faster internet connection, faster access to data, faster electronic payments, faster communication (this does not always mean better communication) and so on. There is less and less space for things and especially for people who are a bit slower: the elderly and the disabled. Fortunately, the current generation of people with hearing loss is becoming increasingly independent, and I am pleased about that. Unfortunately, however, most hard of hearing are still too often “left out” of the equation, so to speak (a Dutch expression, which means that they are on the margins of society).

It takes us a little more time to communicate, to understand and to be understood. And that time is often not taken because society is too impatient.
How many times have I not heard “oh, let‘s just leave it” or “oh, it isn’t important” if I didn’t understand something and had to ask a couple of times. My reaction is always:”No! Let’s not leave it”! I want to understand what you say and keep following the conversation. That is important to me”.

So, I have at least 50 more posts to write and I’ve set myself the goal of bringing the topic of this blog a little bit more to the people, also among those who don‘t have hearing loss. Do you participate? That would be the most beautiful 50th birthday gift I’ve ever received!

I would like to thank all my readers for their interest!


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