Hard of hearing


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Sometimes my head is like a sieve: a lot goes in, a lot goes out without getting stuck. When I’m tired, I can’t concentrate as well and I forget more. I try to avoid my forgetfulness, write down important things in my agenda or on notes. Most of the time this works well, although I don’t want to become too dependend on it and also try to train my brain a little bit.

So I had agreed to skype with someone the week before last, hadn’t entered it in the calendar and… I forgot it completely. Of course, this is not (yet) due to my age: I am not the youngest, but I am certainly not that old! But since my hearing has decreased, I notice that when I do a lot of things at the same time, I try to concentrate so hard not to forget anything. An unpleasant side effect, which many people with impaired hearing probably share with me. As long as I concentrate on one task alone, it’s going great. That’s why many hearing impaired people are also good employees, because they can lock themselves away from their surroundings. It goes without saying, of course, that I don’t want to generalize here and there are many exceptions, but my professional experience has shown me that if you ask people with hearing impairment to do several tasks at the same time, it is sometimes difficult for them.

It can happen that my husband tells me something in the evening or just something like that and I hear and understand it, but later on I really can‘t remember that he told me. My husband thinks I’m not listening to him. Since my communication courses, I know that he may be right, strictly speaking. I have heard and understood what he said, but I did not really record it, so I did not really listen. By the way, the reverse also happens more often and is it usually not just a matter of hearing, but of communication.

I comfort myself with the thought that if you know where the cause lies, you can work on it. I now know that I shouldn‘t work with two or three tasks at the same time and that I just have to concentrate on one task. Routine can also be helpful. When cooking, for example, I sometimes forget to turn off the last cooker when the food is on the table. That’s why I now automatically check whether all cookers are switched off before serving. It is the art though, to do everything consciously. If I leave the apartment and automatically lock my door without thinking about it, then I am not sure whether I have locked it or not. That’s why I always make sure that I deliberately close off.

Forgetfulness, of course, cannot be completely avoided. After all, forgetting is human! And we are all human beings… Well, if I don’t write for one or more days, please don’t think that I have forgotten you!


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