Hard of hearing

Building stop

August 19th 2015

Man wearing ear mufflers against noise pollution
Source: http://www.freeimages.co.uk/galleries/nature/environment/slides/noise_polution0154.htm

For some time now it has become quieter in our living environment. Maybe you’re thinking now,”Well, what’s in it for me?” Then I would ask you to read on as soon as possible.

When we moved into our apartment six years ago, everything was brand new. Our building was the second in the series of completely new buildings in the quarter. We knew that the construction time would take a long time and that the noise nuisance would come with it. Nevertheless, we were surprised how loud it really was.
We have a large balcony, but so far we have only been able to use it in the weekends, because the building noise during the week was too much to really enjoy the balcony.
Once we had opened the balcony door (even a tiny bit), it was almost impossible for me and my husband to talk on the phone. Yes, you read that correctly: even my good hearing husband, had trouble understanding his interlocutor on the phone. The solution was, of course, very simple, namely to close the balcony door, which we did. Fortunately, the buildings here are well insulated. But you will understand that in some cases it was a bit uncomfortable.

We also live near a railway station and there is a regular night-time work on the tracks, which can cause noise pollution at night. A few times I have heard, without my hearing aids, the work and that says something. We have long since stopped hearing the trains, and we quickly got used to them.
In the winter the noise still is bearable, because then one usually has the windows and the balcony door closed. However, in summer it is different. And then you perceive the noise from outside.
In the last few months, however, most of the buildings in our immediate vicinity have been finished and, apart from less noise, the view has improved a lot. We even have two new supermarkets around the corner. And the green has also been thought of. We can now calmly leave the balcony door open (unless the wasps want to visit our apartment) and, although there is still a lot of noise on the street, this has become more pleasant. However, it will still take until 2018 for our quarter to be completely finished.

Those who may now think that “what a whining, building noise is part of our lives”, I would like to say “Yes, you’re right”. But…..
First of all, am I allowed to complain a little, I hardly ever do that!
Man wearing ear mufflers against noise pollutionSecondly, despite the possible misfortune, I have never really understood people who live near an airport or airfield and (even legally) complained about aircraft noise. If you live near an airport, you do know that there is aircraft noise, don‘t you?!

But of course, even though we knew that there would be a lot of building problems, you may surely look forward to a little less noise and quiet, right?


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