Hard of hearing

Dance of the insects

Augustus 18th 2015

Tanz der Insekten

Source: © Georgios Alexandris | Dreamstime Stock Photos

The time of the year has come again: the insects, especially wasps, fly around your head and ears. On our balcony we have two wasp traps hanging and they are visited frequently. Although I am particularly animal-friendly and even try to catch spiders that have got lost in the apartment, I have a thorough aversion to wasps. The reason for this is clear: I have been bitten by these yellow/brown striped insects several times and that was very painful.

No matter how useful they may be, I don’t like the way they bother me everywhere. Last year, when our cats were still alive, I had to lock them away a few times because they followed a wasp in the apartment with too much interest, even almost ate them. You don’t want to think about the animals being stabbed in the mouth or throat!
We (that actually means my husband, because I don’t wake up so fast from noise at night) have been woken up in the middle of the night by big noise, because the cats chased a moth or night owl.

I didn’t really make friends with the mosquitoes either. Apparently, they love me the other way around, but they love me a bit too much. One advantage is that I don’t hear them at night. All the more disappointment when I wake up in the morning with some itchy mosquito bites. We already have an electronic mosquito repellent, but I am still being bitten by the mosquitoes. And just me, my husband’s barely getting bit. And that’s actually what bothers me the most, to be honest. What do all these insects want from me? I leave them alone too, why won’t they leave me alone …?

Well, of course insects are useful and naturally they are needed in nature, but nature can also exaggerate it. Bees or bumblebees, they are less aggressive and I could still live with them, I hardly see them, but wasps even more. And then the threatening buzzing… With hearing aids, I hear it when they’re around me.
And I don’t even have the guts to beat them to death because I’m afraid they’ll ever stab me. So that means, being as peaceful as I am, trying to avoid any confrontation with wasps. A difficult task and I am always happy to master it without damage.

As for the mosquitoes, I’ve got a lemonspray at home as well. It stinks, but it’s worked pretty well so far. But if that doesn’t help any more, well, maybe we’ll have to think about cats again. Our cats were very good mosquito catchers, but unfortunately also often sleep robbers.

There is a lot to consider, but let’s postpone it until next year.


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