Hard of hearing

Whispering in the Ears

August 10th, 2015

Quelle: http://all-free-download.com/free-photos/download/piano_keys_188017.html Author: Piano Keys by Vera Kratochvil

Sometimes I do not envy others their jobs. I was vacationing with my husband and his family over the last few days. There was a lounge with a bar at the hotel. When we had a drink in the evenings, someone would play piano in the lounge with accompanying music. For people who hear well, it was probably just a soft whisper. The few people present in the lounge barely listened to or paid attention to the player. Yet he peacefully played on all night with a friendly smile on his lips. Even though he was probably paid well for his performance, I felt a little sorry for him. If one had such talents, surely one would, if not a sold out concert hall, wish for a little recognition.

Unfortunately, there are multiple jobs that do not get the attention they deserve. Thus, customer service professions are sometimes very demanding, stressful and generally receive little recognition. Take the example of a bus driver. Because the others of our company wanted to walk up from the harbor to the hotel and because of my arthritis it was not possible for me, I decided to go up by bus. It was a distance of about 10 minutes, or around 40 minutes on foot. When I boarded the bus with the driver I bought a ticket, I forgot to mention my half-tax discount. It was only when I sat down, that I thought about it and asked the driver (the bus was still at the stop) if there was still something that could be done about it. The driver scolded me and said he had asked me if I had a half tax discount. I apologized and said that I was deaf and had not heard his question about the half-tax. But this could not soothe him. Whether he was already in a bad mood I do not know. But especially customer-friendly one could not call his tirade however. Now bus drivers are also only people and have a lot of responsibility to bring their customers safely to and from their destination. And this usually without you being aware of the bus driver or thanking them for the safe arrival.

Or take for example the staff of the mountain railways, who take care of the safety of the many passengers who use the railways every day. It is remarkable that they show up daily and always friendly and helpful, although they do the same things again and again, answer the same questions and sometimes even have to rebuke people.

Fortunately, there are still people who want to pursue such professions. Despite my conflict with the local bus driver, I still have respect for this person. If it were not for them, then we would have to do without so much. This is why I personally thanked the pianist in the hotel for his music, although I did not have to: the music contributed to the mood.



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