Hard of hearing


August 1st, 2015

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Even though I am usually a sweet, calm, and rational person, my blood can still boil over sometimes. The reason is the sheer endless bureaucracy that you can find all through your life. Even though I understand that life must have rules and order or else everything becomes chaos, the actions of a few bureaucrats go too far.

Once I accompanied a young hearing impaired man on a job hunt. He had had communication problems with his IV advisor for a year at this point. At that point, I suggested a meeting for all three of us so that I could explain to the advisor what hearing loss was. The answer of the advisor was typical for the Bureaucracy. He could not engage in conversation without the permission of the young man. And his support will soon expire anyways. I had however clearly communicate that this meeting would be with my client. It would be expected that he would say yes to the meeting, or did I miss something?

Yes, I know that one cannot give private and confidential information about your client to third parties. I would personally not like that. That’s why there is such a thing as Right to Privacy laws.
If my client were to bring me to a meeting to support him and better his communication with his advisor, would that be a violation of the confidentiality? Its about the welfare of the client, or am I mistaken? If I were his advisor, and I had no idea how to communicate with a hearing impaired person, then I would be happy if a friend or acquaintance of my client volunteered to help, with his consent. After I all, I need to satisfy my client, and how do I do that if I do not know what he wants?

It is unfortunately not the first time, and for sure not the last time that the Bureaucracy won’t cooperate with reality. I have experienced clients who were unable to genuinely work who have had their IV support taken away, and thus were forced to seek work, which they were physically or mentally unable to do. Their success rates were almost zero. It was not their motivation that was at fault. Only a very few didn’t want to work. But if you no longer can work, but still must find a job, that is a whole different story.

In my case, its not about motivation, but about reality. Even I can no longer work full time, as communication barriers take up a lot of my energy, and therefore, I need more time to relax. As with me, so it is with many other hearing impaired people. They often do not get assistance because these people do not fit into the typical mold of what disabled is.
That can’t be the work of our bureaucracy, or can it?


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