Hard of hearing


July 19th, 2015


Source: http://www.freeimages.com/photo/dream-catcher-1308732

Sometimes I have very strange dreams. Most of these dreams I don’t recall upon waking up. The rare times that I can remember my dream, I often tell to myself that I must tell my husband about it when he wakes up. Sometimes that works, more often than not, I’ve already forgotten it.
As you have probably already experienced, there are certain dreams that come back in different variants. I often dream that I must catch a train, but am always held up on the way, and end up missing the train. Or that I am in a shop looking to buy something but never end up actually buying anything. And people that I am on my way to visit, I never reach. Every so often, I wake up very stressed. So much for a restful sleep…

There are dreams that are quite unmistakable. I took riding lessons for a few years since it had always been a dream of mine. So when the opportunity came, I made my dream come true. Most of the horses were much bigger than I was, and if one is a bit older, then one doesn’t learn as swiftly. I was not a good rider, but it was a lot of fun for me and I loved being around and handling the horses. However, in this time, I often dreamed I was riding and falling from my horse. I was never injured, but in the dream, I felt my body falling hard from the horse. And that was usually the point when I woke up.

Some dreams however are completely nonsensical. Even during the day, I was not able to piece them together. In this case I once dreamed that once, my cousin, who used to have a similarity in appearance with the former Dutch footballer Johan Cruyff, and I met up with Mr. Cruyff someplace on the way to a museum in the city. We chatted and then went our separate ways. However, neither my cousin or I have known Mr. Cruyff personally and therefore, this dream could never have happened in reality.

I fear a dream reader would have difficulty interpreting some of my dreams. The one and only thing that all my dreams have in common is that I am not hearing impaired. Don’t ask me why, because I have no idea why it is so. My hearing loss is a non-issue in my dreams. I wonder if that’s the case with other hearing impaired people or if their hearing impaired reality continues on in the dream? I invite you, if you like, to share this with me, without any further details of course.


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