Hard of hearing

A cold

July 6th, 2015

Close Up of Male Nose

Source: http://www.freeimages.co.uk/galleries/medical/slides/nose2331.htm

No, no, no worries. I do not have a cold at the moment! I know through my own experience how uncomfortable a cold can be in temperatures like these and am happy when I am spared from it.

Until I was about 20 years old, I had a cold that was almost chronic. Many middle ear infections resulted. My brother and I were very well known in the HNO department in the hospital. A few times tubes were placed into our eardrums so that it would stay open and no infections could start. The tubes fell out after a half year or so and then the cycle would repeat again.

I still remember the smell of the chocolate factory that we passed on the way to the hospital. That factory is long gone, but its smell still lingers in my nose.
Anyone who has had a middle ear infection knows how painful that can be. I personally would not wish it on my worst enemy. Not that I have any…!
The middle ear infections gradually lessened after my 16th or 17th year, but by that time, my ear drums were so scarred that I needed hearing aids.

The later ear infections, also caused by a cold, led to further drops in my hearing, and eventually my hearing became what it now is. Luckily, it is now stable and I only have a couple colds a year. Since I know that every cold is a potential ear infection risk, I do everything I can to minimize my chances of getting a cold. Since every ear infection can mean another drop in my hearing, that means I prefer fruits, vegetables, Vitamin C and so.

Apparently my preventive measures are not always enough to stop a cold. I am also very susceptible to drafts. It has often happened to me that a cold announced itself after I stood, laid, or sat in a drafty area. This is why I am very careful as what drafts are concerned.
There was a time once where I went to work, boarded a flight or did something strenuous with a terrible cold. That was until I started work at a new place. I and the other candidates would only be hired after a 3 month intensive course and testing. It was a very competitive job. A cold got me and I ignored it for 6 weeks. A middle ear infection resulted which later caused a new drop in my hearing.

Since then I have become more indulgent of myself and would rather stay in bed for a day to cure my cold. And yes, it is also nice to be spoiled  by my husband then ;-)!


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