Hard of hearing


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June 22nd, 2015

Last weekend we were in Morgarten for two days. My brother was visiting and we wanted to show him a bit of Swiss history. For those of you who are not Swiss: In the year 1315 there was an important battle at Morgarten.
Morgarten is known as the “Mother of all Swiss Battles” and tested the future of the Swiss Confederacy of 1291. It secured the political independence of the Waldstätte. So, last weekend, Switzerland celebrated the 700 year jubilee of this battle.

Even though it rained a lot on Saturday, we were still able to tour the military exhibits and the highlight of the day was naturally the show the Patrouille Suisse and their F/A 18’s put on. The organization was well done. However the Weather Gods did not appear to have gotten the memo. It really was a pity for the organizers who put in their best efforts.
Even so, we enjoyed the day greatly. Even my brother enjoyed it very much and now knows how we Swiss can celebrate.

What astonished me however, was that despite clear warnings about the loudness of the F/A 18 jets, many people, including children, chose to watch the show without ear protection. Maybe I am overly sensitive in this respect, since every loss in my hearing brings me closer to full deafness, but these warnings are for a reason.

We were in Payern last year as well, on AIR14 and there was a lot of plane noise all day. As in Payern, ear protection was offered here which I thought was a good service for those who did not have ear protection.
At such airshows I often see people walking their dogs about and I do not feel envy for the dogs.
But of course, it is and will always be the responsibility of individuals to protect their hearing at such occasions, even in their every day lives.

I doubt that I will be in Morgarten for the next Jubilee in 50 years because I approach the age of 50, but I hope that the next generation will remember their history, even if only to be able to celebrate something!


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