Hard of hearing


June 17th, 2015


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Even when I was a young girl, my mother used to say “even when you have time, you never have time”. And that was probably the truth. If I am honest, that has never changed. I was very preoccupied by my studies in history. The last year of my studies, I spent in Germany as part of an exchange program. In that year, I did not just study, or write my thesis, but I also enjoyed the student life to its fullest. In the shared apartments that I lived in, I had good friends (I still have good contact with two of them) and there was always something going on: trips, parties, and so on. I can say with a clear conscience that it was the year of my life.

Once I entered the world of work, I was busy full-time, and at the same time responsible for my household. Even then I often wished that the day had 48 hours instead of 24 and I usually never had enough time. When I was compelled to slow down, because of my deteriorated hearing, some of my time soon became “free”. I however felt the need to fill up my free time, generally with relaxing activities, but even so.

When we decided to shift our future to Switzerland, I had to quit my job. Up until the week before the move, I worked, and then all of a sudden I had more time than I knew what to do with. That’s what I thought …. Once the new apartment was furnished, I began to integrate into the new neighborhood. This meant that I not only learned to navigate the area, but also began to build a new circle of friends and contacts, became a member of a gymnastic school, a club, and so began to get to know people. My network grew larger as time went on, my activities increased, and I also took some classes.

My fear that I would bore myself without work did not come to pass. It was quite the opposite in fact. My current activities currently take up a lot of my time and I really have to watch my limits.

My mother now says that I won’t have time to visit her. It is not that bad yet, but it is getting harder to keep a few weeks a year free so that I can go visit her. Ah, shouldn’t age and common sense go hand in hand?!


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