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Wintersports Vacation

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My experience with winter sports before I met my husband was limited to a two hour indoor Snowboarding experience. This event was a lot of fun for me and I never dreamed that I would ever experience a true Winter sport vacation.

When I then for the first time went vacationing with my husband, his sister and brother in law and their child as well as my parents in law, I really looked forward to it. I had only known the mountains in the Summer, and to finally see them in the Winter was very interesting for me. I was not disappointed! The Mountains were beautiful, cloaked in winter, and the Aprés Ski and food was excellent and we enjoyed the company of family.

My husband is a good skier, and I was a beginner, so we decided to take snowboarding lessons in the local ski school. We had a lot of fun with it, but by the time the week ended, we were black and blue all over, so much so that we decided on a different strategy for the coming year.

My experienced mother in law thought that because of my balance issues I might be more suited to skiing than snowboarding. Accordingly I enrolled for skiing lessons at the skiing school. My husband did what he did best: skiing.
And my Mother in Law was right. Skiing suited me much better and I soon learned the basics. It was a bit disappointing however that I made less progress than the others in the group than hoped for. When you are a bit older, then that makes the mastering of a new sport a bit more effortful than if you were younger. I also did not hear everything.

The next year, because of that, we decided I take private lessons. I had private lessons for 1.5 hours three times a week, and spent the rest of the time practicing with my husband. This combination was the right one! The instructor had a lot of patience and knew just how to best teach me to ski.

Sometimes I admired the slopes at around 9 o’clock in the mornings and then I managed to get them down as well…

Since we infrequently go on skivacationing, we always rent the skis. In the French speaking place where my in-laws have been coming for a long time, there is a shop where we can rent our skis. As my husband does not speak French, and I speak a little (I have forgotten much of the language meanwhile) I generally take over our business.
Once I was distracted when the store owner apparently asked me something. When my attention returned to her she said, a bit snappily: “you are the one that speaks French, aren’t you?!” Fortunately my French was not good enough for me to reply.

Today I can ride on the blue slopes without many problems and if it is not too steep and complex, even some of the red slopes. I am no Lara Gut (a famous Swiss Skier), but for me that is already a passible achievement, and hey: one is never too old to learn!

June 15th, 2015


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