Hard of hearing

Alarm Clock

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When I go to bed in the evenings and take out my hearing aids, I no longer hear much. Then when I go to sleep, there is little that can wake me up. This is why I have a vibrating alarm clock that I place under my pillows.

My husband sometimes says that if I were sleeping, and someone fired a cannon next to me, not even that would not wake me up. I myself think that this scenario is a bit exaggerated, but the truth is that he is indeed usually the one who is woken up by our cats for breakfast.

We had two cats, both of whom unfortunately died, in the Autumn of 2014, and the other early last year, due to illnes. They were beautiful oriental cats, full of conversation and exceptional loud voices. If you know this breed of cat, then you know how loud they can be if they want. And often, they wanted (something)! A few years ago we noticed that they weighed too much on the scale. They were placed on a diet. Three times a day we fed them, and played with them twice a day. Hide and Seek was their favorite game.

Sometimes my husband came to me and asked “Why did you lock the cats in?” It was then that I discovered that one or the other of the cats had snuck into the room or closet without my notice. My husband then heard them later begging to be released. I apologized right away to the aggrieved party and sometimes gave them some snacks. This however did not prevent the same thing from happening again.

If my husband was on travels from time to time I paid extra attention. Before I left the house, or went to bed, I checked on the two to make sure I had not locked them in somewhere overnight.

I never had to worry about their breakfast though. These cats were very inventive in their methods. Once I woke up at 7 AM sharp, the usual feeding time of the cats. When I opened my eyes, there was a cat weighing 6 kilograms on my chest, softly touching my cheek with a front paw and loudly opinioning that he wanted his breakfast.

Who needs an alarm clock in light of this?!


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